While vacationing in Atlanta…as a stop on our site-seeing we went to the Underground. I have always loved carmel apples w/nuts so I stopped into the candy store to get one,assuming they had some. The store was very nice and just as some of the other reviews have stated..they were well stocked in a variety of different treats. I asked the guy about a item that was layed out and drying. I thought they were carmel..and he informed me they were pecan pralines. I never had any and the employee was very nice and gave me a sample. I left the store apple in hand and decided to try the pralines as I looked around the rest of The Underground…as I bit into it..I couldn’t believe how delicious it was. I wasn’t at all what I expected. Needless to say I went back and bought some. I am from Ohio so we don’t have any stores that carry those.. Being that Ive learned they are a southern favorite. I give the place 5 stars. If your ever in the area definitely stop in and try the pecan praline’s and the carmel apples too. I wish they had an on line store have been craving those pralines since Ive been back home in Ohio!!! Q-Tay, Columbus, Ohio

Traditional chocolate shops where they make the products right there in front of you are a dying breed, and I can’t understand why.  The smell of warm chocolate and sugar as you approach the storefront evokes mental images of hot fudge being pulled from an oven, or taffy being stretched out on a table.  The piles upon piles of candies, chocolates, nuts, and combinations of all three should make you feel 5 again, ready to reach up as high as you can to grab a particularly tasty-looking treat from a shelf three feet off the floor.  The Southern Candy Company can do all that and more, and I applaud them for sticking around in a world filled with the mass-produced mediocrity that we call candy these days.
Whenever I’m in Atlanta, I make sure to stop by here and fill up on some of their homemade fudge creations or chocolate-drenched nut clusters. The Rocky Road Fudge in particular is heavenly, I would gladly buy a whole tray if it didn’t cost quite so much.  I’m even tempted to go back a second time during this stay, as I have yet to try the pralines and my curiosity may get the best of me. Andrew D., Norwich, CT

The pecan pralines are to die for! Perhaps the best candy I have ever tasted (coming from someone with a refined sweet tooth that says alot) You can get like 6 saltwater taffy for $1. My fave flavor is strawberry. Yeme T., Atlanta, GA

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